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While the societal impact of DPIs is widely recognised, this article sheds light on the often-overlooked aspect of how DPIs in India are restructuring core market dynamics via the paradigm of open network aggregation
Sanjeev Krishan
The Indian economy is at a unique advantage when the world faces disruptions on the technological, geopolitical, and climate front. Here's why focusing on policy and fiscal discipline is important
Supply chain observatories enable better decision-making and policymaking by creating knowledge and data capabilities, supporting a more resilient industrial ecosystem
Mohit Joshi
Here are a few key takeaways from the deliberations at Davos 2024, which offer a glimpse into the collective wisdom that will chart a course for an increasingly interconnected future
Bipin Preet Singh
From the upcoming interim budget, the fintech sector expects the creation of an environment that nurtures continuous progress in the ever-evolving financial landscape
This is a discussion on the need for unwavering commitment to eight key areas that will shape India's economic and social destiny
Here's why and how the global capability centres in India are shining on the international stage
Understanding why the GDP per capita of Mapusa in Goa, India, is around $33,000, same as Porto, Portugal, even when India's per capita GDP hovers at $2,389 (per capital GDP of Portugal is 5X India's) could give an idea of how resources can be deployed where they are most needed
While India successfully navigates new trends in globalisation, driven by geopolitics and the need for greater supply chain resilience, the country can demonstrate the way forward to heal the fractures in global trade
Economy & Policy

There is no place like India today. This blog, which would be predominantly written from Delhi, would document how the wheels in the government are turning and how each turn is shaping policy. It would also keep track and comment on economic, political and social developments in the country. Occasionally, it would also stray into international affairs that have a bearing on India.

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October 18, 2016 21:12 pm by Cyber Law India
With the unprecedented advent of Information Technology, the present day world witnesses complex challenges arising out of the new borderless space the Internet creates. Cyber space brings forth myriad pertinent legal issues that require in-depth knowledge and immediate expert legal advice.
Tanzeel Merchant
Tanzeel Merchant
August 17, 2016 05:32 am by Tanzeel Merchant
As long as we measure being "rich" in rupees, then probably and sadly yes.
August 12, 2016 21:57 pm by Shiva
Umm..since when India is China's economic competitor? China is three times richer than India, there is no race over there. Unfortunately, India will poison itself before get rich.
August 09, 2016 12:20 pm by subodh shah
Please send any changes or amendment in new law of GST in above mail
August 07, 2016 22:15 pm by ramakrishnan iyer
No wonder, that water, a very basic commodity is marketed at 15-20 Rs./litre, whereas the more purer Himalayan water is marketed at over 30-40 Rs./litre. The basics viz. air, water, education, electricity, food, waste disposal are all in shambles. Forget the smart city.. India being 120 plus...
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