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Suit Yourself: The Latest, and Best

How to style yourself to lead a billionaire life

Published: Nov 30, 2013 07:58:34 AM IST
Updated: Nov 30, 2013 08:32:45 AM IST

Strong Trend: The three-piece suit
A return to vintage suits from the 1920s and 1940s. Structured and modern multi-button waistcoats are back for the boardroom, meetings and power lunches. 

Second skin jackets, corset-like waistcoats and slim fit trousers that cling to the body —especially on the shoulders, chest and along the waist.

Avoid colour contrasts and go tone on tone. Wear light or dark shades of the same colour on the shirt and tie. Opt for grey or blue for the day.

My tip

Always match the accessories (belts, bags and shoes) to the colour palette of your suit.

Models: Ayaan Rathi, Paras Tuteja, Mandeep Singh (Blue Apple Models) & Ravish Choudhary
Hair & Grooming: Savleen using L’Oreal Professional

Location & Hospitality: Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon

Photographs: Dileep Prakash


Strong trend: Laid-back suits
A relaxed or comfort-fit for ‘dress down’ suits. Flat lapels, soft fabrics for jackets; short knee-lengths overcoats for travel.

Soft, crease-free fabrics for shirts and suits, wide collars and relaxed shoulders on jackets and overcoats.

Mix and match your wardrobe—put together overcoats, shirts, trousers and accessories from different sets to create an entirely new look. 

My tip
Undo the tie, unbutton or loosen the jacket and roll up your sleeves when you are travelling, unwinding or relaxing.

Strong trend: a tux or a velvet Nehru-style jacket for formal occasions
Wear a jacket with a short and slim lapel. The Nehru or Chinese collar will give you a structured and smart look and fit.

High gloss shoes and heavy-duty metallic watches for formal and evening wear. Ruffled, printed or coloured pocket squares for jacket pockets.

Dress your jacket with a bow instead of a tie. Red, purple, burgundy and white are ideal choices. Reflective metallic buttons for hip-length short jackets and comfort-fit trousers.
My tip
Choose jewel tones of (emerald) green, (sapphire) blue, (amethyst) purple, (ruby) red or (smoky) charcoal grey for stand alone jackets.

Strong trend: Textured or printed short jackets with trousers
Fabrics with self-design or texture and prints—stripes or paisleys. Slim or tapered cuts, defined shoulders and a tailored look for casual or semi-formal jackets.

Wide-collared jackets and broad or rounded collars for shirts. Structured shoulders on jackets and comfortable and casual footwear worn without socks. 

Linen jackets for the club, flight or at the resort, and raw silk for an early evening engagement, a drink at the bar or a dinner date or meeting.

My tip
Add a dash of colour for leisure wear. Emphasise on contrasting coloured accessories or multi coloured prints.

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