FILA 2023: Paving the way for inclusion ft. Sushant Divgikar, Avani Lekhara, and Meena Ganesh

India is a diverse country but it doesn't reflect in workplaces, sports, and entertainment. This panel discussion at FILA 2023 was an attempt to bring attention to this stigma around inclusion—whether it is gender equality, LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, or giving equal opportunities and a platform to succeed to specially-abled persons. Padma Shri Avani Lekhara, Tokyo 2020 Gold medalist, Paralympic champion & Khel Ratna awardee; Meena Ganesh, Chairperson and cofounder, Portea Medical, and Sushant Divgikar aka Rani KoHENur, performer and social activist take you the distance
Published: Apr 6, 2023