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Rubal Dhankar, Rubal Dhankar

Rubal Dhankar

About Rubal Dhankar

The fitness enthusiast shot to fame when he participated in Roadies X4, a reality TV show, in 2016. His screen presence, physique and personality won the Delhi Police constable many admirers. Flooded with queries on fitness, he began imparting bodybuilding tips on social media via his YouTube channel that now has 2.17 million subscribers. The content creator has 698K followers on Instagram where he regularly flaunts his muscular body.

creator stats

  • Rank: 48
  • Age: 36
  • Handle: Rubal Dhankar
  • Category: Fitness
  • Avg Views: 2,01,795.47
  • Avg Engagement: 31,479.20
  • Engagement Rate: 2.07
  • Avg Reach: 1,85,744
  • Genuity: 100
  • Creator INscore: 8.77
*Data as on June 9, 2022. All data is of the past 12 months.