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Jay Kapoor, @jaykapoor.24

Jay Kapoor

About Jay Kapoor

Jay Kapoor has been creating content since he was 14. He loves experimenting and building tech products. He's built many helpful tools like Flash Sale Helper, which helps people buy phones during flash sales, and the gbox app, a toolkit for Instagram, which was downloaded over five million times. Apart from that, he also provides tech solutions in his content. He also has a tech, productivity, and lifestyle-related newsletter called 'Acha Laga, Share Karo!' with more than 10,000 subscribers.

creator stats

  • Rank: 25
  • Age: 24
  • Handle: @jaykapoor.24
  • Category: Business & Finance
  • Avg Views: 5,05,491.47
  • Avg Engagement: 58,705.27
  • Engagement Rate: 6.31
  • Avg Reach: 4,68,036
  • Genuity: 99.16
  • Creator INscore: 8.94
*Data as on June 9, 2022. All data is of the past 12 months.