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Aakash Malhotra, @wanderwithsky

Aakash Malhotra

About Aakash Malhotra

Aakash Malhotra is on a mission to travel the world, and gives advice on how to do it. His love for travel was triggered by a trip to Switzerland. He has also done a month-long solo backpacking trip to Greece, Italy, Croatia and Germany. In 2017, he quit his job and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand where he decided to start his own venture as a freelancer and content creator. He claims to have visited across 41 countries in the past six years.

creator stats

  • Rank: 65
  • Age: 29
  • Handle: @wanderwithsky
  • Category: Travel
  • Avg Views: 3,78,362.86
  • Avg Engagement: 50,062.75
  • Engagement Rate: 8.16
  • Avg Reach: 2,64,023
  • Genuity: 87.56
  • Creator INscore: 8.33
*Data as on June 9, 2022. All data is of the past 12 months.