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Luke Coutinho, @luke_coutinho

Luke Coutinho

About Luke Coutinho

"I am neither a God nor a guru. I am not a healer, doctor or a cult leader," he writes on his website. Instead, Luke says he practices in the field of integrative lifestyle medicine and lifestyle coaching. The founder of a holistic health store called YouCare Lifestyle has 466K followers on Instagram and 276K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

creator stats

  • Rank: 87
  • Age: 42
  • Handle: @luke_coutinho
  • Category: Fitness
  • Avg Views: 95,101.35
  • Avg Engagement: 5,398.12
  • Engagement Rate: 0.33
  • Avg Reach: 1,30,948
  • Genuity: 98.6
  • Creator INscore: 7.63
*Data as on June 9, 2022. All data is of the past 12 months.