Forbes India CXO Speak
19th November, 2020
Time - 2:30 PM
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About the Event

About the Event

Until a few months ago, WFH—Work From Home—was a bubbling trend that Indian companies had trouble coming around to. Now that WFH is the norm in the current times and the only real answer to business continuity, and as workplaces are likely to adopt a hybrid—office-plus-WFH—model in the post pandemic world, the new challenge will be, well, WFH, or Workflow From Home.

Technology has been the answer to this crisis for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Both traditional and startup CEOs agree that years’ worth of digital transformation has been condensed and adopted within months. Most also agree that traditional hierarchies and protocols are a thing of the past, and ‘good ideas from anywhere’ and ‘independent thinking’ is now appreciated more than ever. But as work gets remote, there are many pertinent questions about how work will be done that still need answers, and quickly.

The 360-degree change in the work environment has afforded us an opportunity to move the needle and actually improve workflows using technology, and removing roadblocks and silos, to ensure and improve productivity, evolve team culture and traditional hierarchies, and take a closer look at how technology can help answer most of these questions.

Forbes India CXO Speak — Disrupting Work in the New Normal, in association with ServiceNow, will bring together a mix of experts to discuss how organisations are strategising and formulating the new WFH culture to deal with a new business world.

The Forbes India webinar will be held on November 19, 2020, 2:30 pm onwards.