From the first time we published our annual list of the 100 Richest Indians in Forbes India in November 2009 we have known that Business can be a Force of Good. Every time we meet or speak to our readers - CEOs, senior bureaucrats, consultants and influencers – we are reminded that today more than ever there is a huge opportunity for Indian business leaders to help in building a more just, humane and equitable society.

India is at a crossroads today. While our economy grows faster than the rest of the world, so does the disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

It is a gap that government alone cannot fulfill.

Individuals, organisations and corporates have been coming together to use their skills and leverage their wealth to solve some of the most pressing societal issues.

Writing a cheque is just the first step towards that. But a lot of individuals and organisations are deeply involved and committed to creating systemic change.

This year through the creation of our Forbes India Philanthropy Awards we want to applaud and recognise the efforts of a few of these individuals who have given time, money, skill and expertise to create model institutions and inspire others.

Larger Purpose:

  • Create role models of active philanthropy among wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  • Recognise serious attempts at creating sustainable models of giving.
  • Involve the larger business community in understanding the need and purpose of giving back to society.

The 2013 Event:
On 29th November 2013, an awards evening in Bangalore around the theme of celebrating the role models of philanthropy was held. A galaxy of entrepreneur owners, CXOs and leading academicians were part of the audience so that this can become a meaningful platform for stimulating conversation as well.

You can watch the event highlights on our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/forbesindia