Monsoon leaves a trail of disruption as it swirls around the country

Flood waters and incessant rainfall continued to disrupt lives across the country, with an orange alert in Gujarat as two national highways were closed on the heels of a ravaged Junagadh. At the same time, heavy landslides in Uttarkashi and Himachal left pilgrims and tourists stranded, a submerged village in hilly Raigad mourns its many deaths, and Ghaziabad, in Uttar Pradesh, flees from a rising Hindon river. Trailing the rain's course over the weekend in photos
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jul 24, 2023

Image by : PTI

  • Monsoon leaves a trail of disruption as it swirls around the country
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A car stuck in a waterlogged basement following incessant monsoon rainfall in Junagadh, Gujarat, July 23, 2023. Junagadh city recorded 241mm rainfall on Sunday, causing severe flooding in parts of the city